"Using her blood and the molten fires of the earth, she created two creatures to help her keep control over Eoroe and amass her army: the dragons and the demons. They and their descendants would be bound to her for all eternity."


“A priest with a dark past. 
A young lord seeking his sister’s killer.
A shaman with a vision.
A sorceress on the run. 
And a soldier with a terrible secret. 

These five unlikely heroes are pulled together on a dangerous quest. An ancient evil is rising, and only they can stop it. 

If they don’t end up destroying each other, first.”


Sovadron Book One: The Dawn of War is scheduled to be released in November.

Story Written by Christina "DZA" Marie. Check out her site at: www.dzamarie.com

Check out the crowdfunding page at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sovadron-epic-fantasy-graphic-novel-diversity/coming_soon