Earth's Final Chapter


From Endless Ink Publishing House, comes the Earth's Final Chapter graphic novel series.

"Hundreds of years after the "Last War", civilizations are rising out of the toxic ash. A new world is emerging. Mutations, Cyborgs, forgotten world powers and much more bring our colorful world to life. Will Earth band together when faced with an overwhelming threat? Will humanity survive? Or will all life on the globe perish in "Earth's Final Chapter" Join the next epic adventure!"

I did the illustrations for two of the novellas in the series: Volume 1: Book 3: Brother Leon and Volume 1: Book 8: Homestead Hunts.

Books are available for purchase here:


Leon’s lifelong passion for tales of ancient civilizations suddenly becomes reality when he and fellow monk, Vincente, stumble upon legendary artifacts deep within a quiet monastery. Now he must help Emperor Massimo Firenze quell uncertainty in the empire while preserving his own life in the process

Written by: Nathan Banks


Brother Leon Illustrations:


Don’t get caught in the streets when the hunt starts. Life in Homestead is a struggle and a revolution is stirring. With the resistance growing stronger, the people of this abandoned Mega City reassess their roles.

Written by: Christina "DZA" Marie


Homestead Hunts Illustrations and Concept art: